Liquid based thin layer cell machine,EN61010-1:2010 EN61326-1:2013

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[product name]: liquid based thin layer cell maker

[scope of application] it is used for sample treatment before pathological analysis, detection pretreatment, cleaning after hybridization, etc.

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1. Overview of liquid based thin layer cell maker

Based on the principle of liquid-based cytology (LBC), the liquid-based thin layer cytology machine adopts the most advanced natural sedimentation technology and automatic staining technology, and unique slide attachment formula to form a uniform thin layer of cells on the anti slide slide, which is convenient for further observation and diagnosis.

2. Composition of liquid based thin layer cell maker

Slice module: it is usually composed of stirring, cell adsorption, cell transfer, cell filtration device, centrifugation module, etc.

Dyeing module: it is usually composed of sample transfer, dyeing and control parts.

3. Product features

Advanced cell preservation formula: 1 0 0% cell samples are collected into preservation solution to Maintain the original cell morphology and structure, decompose mucus, dissolve excessive red blood cells, and reduce the occlusion of mucus and red blood cells.

Unique slide attachment formula: the cells are distributed in a single layer and within 1.3cm in diameter, evenly distributed and concentrated, not easy to overlap and cover; the cells are firmly attached, not easy to fall off; microscopic observation saves time and effort, improves work efficiency, and is not easy to miss diagnosis.

Gradient centrifugation and natural sedimentation: most inflammatory cells are removed to reduce occlusion; the proportion of abnormal cells is large, and the cells with diagnostic value can be effectively selected and concentrated through gradient centrifugation and natural sedimentation.

Automatic control of film making and dyeing process: stable and reliable technology, eliminating the influence of human factors, reproducing film.

Independent staining tank: No floating substance or cell cross contamination; reagent will never be reused to ensure bright staining and clear image

Design: the positioning is accurate, which overcomes the defects of inaccurate positioning in traditional design and eliminates cross contamination.

Batch processing of samples, 48 samples can be produced at the same time, with high production efficiency and speed, and the production time is about 55 minutes

4. Production process

Pretreatment part: transfer the sample to the centrifuge tube, and remove the mucus, blood and other impurities through gradient centrifugation.

Sectioning (transfer, dyeing): put the centrifuge tube containing the sample into the centrifuge tube holder, put the slide and dyeing tank, the slide number corresponds to the centrifuge tube, and put it into the suction nozzle. Select the number of samples according to the samples to be processed, and select the mode according to the needs. You can choose to make the film separately, or make the film and dye simultaneously. Select "pipe filling" to fill the machine, select "operation", the machine will automatically transfer liquid, settle, then fix and dye. When finished, select the "drain pipe" to drain the dye back into the dyeing bottle and flush the pipe.

The post-treatment part: discard the dyeing tank, immerse the glass slide in isopropanol for 5 minutes, and wet seal the glass slide with xylene

5. Scope of application

It is used for sample treatment before pathological analysis, detection pretreatment, cleaning after hybridization, etc.

6. Technical parameters: (tib-cvs300)

Power supply voltage: AC 220 V

Fuse: f5al250v

Frequency: 50 Hz

Host size (w × h × d): 1120 × 700 × 590 mm

Outer box size (w × h × d): 1250 × 780 × 660 mm

Total weight: ≤ 150kg

Ambient temperature: 5 ℃~ 37 ℃

Relative humidity: ≤ 80%

Noise of the whole machine: ≤ 65dB

Detection quantity: 4-48 sheets / time

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